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what next for websites…
The design and production of websites has taken on the mystery that used to surround producing ads. And the more you read, the more confused you become. And because itʼs relatively new, and the rules keep changing, thereʼs a lot of misleading sites out there and they all want your work.
So do we.



We’ll give you an unfair advantage

Why should what next produce your website?

We donʼt believe there is any one person who can design, programme and optimize a website.
Websites can be complex. The rules change regularly, the search engines want you to
spend money with them. You want a design that stands out, but you also want it to be easy to
read, easy to navigate and, most important, easy to find. And you want your visitors to stay
long enough to find what they want. If they canʼt find what they want quickly, they wonʼt stay
very long and will move on to the next relevant site. And then theyʼre lost – maybe for ever?

There’s the problem. How to find a solution.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Thatʼs particularly true of
websites, where you usually have a few seconds to make sure your visitor stays with you.
There are various examples of who uses websites and what social media sites based upon
research undertaken and we have included the most relevant here. It reinforces our point
about producing websites – they may be creatively brilliant or loaded with information, but if
your target visitors become confused and leave as quickly as they arrived, then all the effort

just wasnʼt worth it. So itʼs good to know exactly who is most likely to visit your site or follow
your brand. The information on the right may help you to know a little more.

If you’re paying monthly fees for
search engine optimisation, you’re
probably wasting your money!

Controversial? Or true?

SEO has become another one of those website
mysteries, and one where many companies are paying
monthly fees just for optimisation of their websites.
We donʼt believe that SEO should be an additional cost
item to any normal management fees. There is nothing
more to SEO than knowing the rules and creating the
necessary keywords, phrases, links and programming
that will make sure you appear on the first pages of
search engines – and that really means Google.

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(all statistics shown taken from research information in the public domain)

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