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what next is in the business of creating business success through a different approach to marketing. A strategic partner of Rethinking Group with more than 3 decades of driving business. Originally set up to help owners and CEOs succeed where others fail. The very best creative thinking combined with innovative business strategies – and a wealth of experience.

Business creativity with a proven track record. We create business success.



If this is how you approach your marketing, we should be talking

what next / the creative hub in the biggest city

what next, london is the London office set in the prettiest location next to Highgate Woods.
Working with a mix of young, talented and experienced professionals, what next can help
your company to achieve goals you thought were not possible and implement ideas that will
achieve sales results.

Originally set up by Stephen Benjamin – a creative thinker with experience across many blue
chip accounts, what next works across the media spectrum taking on the impossible and
producing results.

Even in todayʼs muddled economies and troubled financial times, it is possible to gain an
advantage over your competitors – if you use the right people.

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what next?

It’s not just a good question…

It is the question.

Think about the sheer speed of change in
the external world. Think about the fierce
intensity of global competition. Think
about the bargaining power of today’s
customers and their range of choices.

As a partner of Rethinking Group we
have been in the business of creating
business success. With deep experience
working for the worldʼs most successful
brands, we offer next generation thinking
that drives business results.

What makes or breaks you in the
innovation economy is whether you are
capable of continually rethinking and
reinventing your company – and your
industry – as fast as the world is changing
around you. Thatʼs why creativity has
moved back to centre stage in business.

And why we should be talking.

what next?

energize your company with
business creativity

put the buzz back into your
marketing strategy

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